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about our great team

At Body Hack Physical Therapy, our core value revolves on the basis of customer service and experience. The customer is family and our efforts are relentless towards optimizing therapeutic results.  
Equipped with the knowledge and passion to make each session productive, our focus is geared to immerse the client into a state of recovery and relaxation with the final goal of “move different, move better”.
Thank you for the opportunity to help make you a better version of you.


             The Body Hack PT Family

Body Hack Physical Therapy is a company which believes in a humanized Physical Therapy service, prioritizing the patient experience and needs. As a company we want you to feel at home and enjoy each of the therapy sessions. Body Hack PT is an Orthopedic and Sport Physical Therapy clinic that offers a wide range of service from rehabilitation to fitness improvement. Our philosophy is to empower and educate  patients regarding their existing condition in order to prevent future recurrence.  Lastly, we promise to deliver the most updated Evidence Based Practices and highest quality of care.

"Move Different, Move Better"


Dr. Carlos Zorilla

Physical Therapist DPT MBA



Erick Abuda

Physical Therapist Aide


Luly Payares

Patient Coordinator

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