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What you can expect at you first visit?

  1. At your first visit, expect a clean environment and friendly staff that treat you like family.

  2. Provision of all necessities and beginning your journey to health and recovery.

  3. A smooth Registration and evaluation process facilitated by the following options:

  • Complete paperwork at clinic. Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to appointment.

  • Fill out the forms online. All of the forms can be accessed via our website at This is the recommended and preferred option as it eliminates paperwork and assist with our current COVID 19 pandemics.

After registration, you will be escorted by staff for examination and evaluation. This will allow us to make an accurate prognosis and discuss expected outcomes.

Please wear clothing that allows easy access to the area needing treatment as well as supportive footwear if necessary.

We wish you enjoy the first visit as much as we will enjoy working towards your recovery.

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